"Creating Mind, Body & Nature Connections"

Blissfully Soulful is proud to participate and offer these fantastic yoga workshops, seminars and retreats for yoginis of all levels to cultivate mind, body, spirit enlightenment.

Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Quiet your mind. When was the last time you felt... connected? Whether you're an experienced yogini looking for a fresh challenge or new to the mat, Blissfully Soulful Workshops offers something for everyone.

I would be honored to offer workshops and seminars for corporate wellness, yoga studios, gyms and private groups. We all have the capacity to live our fullest best life. My sincerest heartfelt passionate mission is to hold a safe space inspiring authentic positivity while empowering clients and students to live blissfully soulful.

What does that mean? We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We place encasements around our sacred soul space, holding us back from living our happiest life! I have a plethora of empowering practical tools including: yoga, self reflection, healing techniques, meditation, journaling, as well as inspiring healthy lifestyle choices, and getting down right honest with ourselves, owning our BS to transmute it, no longer giving power to what doesn’t serve us. We will have heart felt mind shifting get real conversations to spark us to overcome, relinquishing the blame and shame, connecting deeply to our true essence within, love peace and joy!

How do we do this? If it is to be, it is up to me! Together we can! In a safe space of transformation we will learn to listen and love our story. We will shift the paradigm of our limited self sabotaging beliefs, rising up and transcend all the insanity healed and empowered to forever move forward one day at a time with a positive healthy mindset.

We will work on loving, respecting and finding balance with the main areas of our lifestyle: Nutritional, creativity, foods, spiritual, physical movement, relationship, career, and Financial.

It would be my humbled honor to collaborate with anyone seeking to live happy, healthy and empowered!

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