"Come Get Your Groove On!"

Georgia Fitness
I am passionate about yoga and the incredible transformation it gifts us when we choose to make it a part of our lifestyle. I wanted to bring yoga to the masses! I chose to teach in a gym environment instead of a yoga studio so I could bring yoga to those that would never step into a yoga studio, yet curious about yoga.

It has been an awe inspiring journey, teaching so many amazing people over the past 13 years in a gym setting. I have witness true transformation in mind, body and spirit in many of my students. Lives have changed in a positive way. I have multiple students that have gone on to become Yoga instructors.

I have created a beautiful yoga Community within the walls of a fitness gym. I love it!! Please come join us and be apart our fun loving yoga/gym family!
Here is my current schedule:

Monday - Yoga Flow: 8:30am - 9:30am

Wednesday - Pilates Fusion: 8:30am - 9:30am

Friday - Yogalates: 8:30am - 9:30am

Please come join me at Georgia Fitness in Acworth, GA located at:
3362 Acworth Summit Blvd, Acworth, GA 30101
What is Yoga?
Please come and take a yoga journey with me, as we will cultivate awakening, healing and transformation.

Yoga is a practice on and off our mats, as we embrace difficulty with acceptance while letting go and allowing. During this phase we have the opportunity for personal growth, allowing what is to be and knowing what we have the power to change. This brings us to a state of awareness where we transcend the physical body, healing the emotional body and finding unity with the spirit body.

Yoga is unity, joining together in the oneness of mind, body and spirit. During a yoga practice we will build internal heat through mindful movements, being challenged in postures/asanas. We will slow down while we breathe deep, listening to our bodies, feeling what we are feeling, letting go of expectations, surrendering as we find equanimity through adversity. Through our movement in the moment we focus on our breath. Our breathing brings us into a place of stillness, we relax and become present, digging deeper and discovering our truest authentic self. Our journey will require us to have compassion, honoring our limitations, while we are open to the gifts in each asana.

At the end of our amazing yoga practice we leave feeling forever changed! We are stronger, more aware, more balanced, more flexible, and more receptive to relinquishing what no longer services us therefore being empowered to be free in a state of pure bliss!