"Choose Well. Choose Love. Choose Freedom."

Welcome to Blissfully Soulful.

My name is Tammie. 

I love all things that promote a genuine happy healthy lifestyle. When I was a teenager I would go to the local gym and workout in my cute workout gear. I was known as "the teenage girl" because I was the youngest in the group. I was always on the lookout for the newest and great healthy trends in fitness, food and wellness. My passion shined out as many people would continually come to me asking for advice and guidance in their healthy lifestyle goals. Fast forward and I have three incredible beautiful children. Being a mom never slowed me down as I wanted to stay active and be a good example. I became a sponge soaking up all the amazingly delicious knowledge and wisdom, while becoming a certified group fitness instructor, spin instructor, personal trainer, yoga instructor and health coach.

My personal soul development, spiritual journey and wellness path has led me to fall deeply in love with all things yoga. Yoga is the door to opening transformation in the mind, body and spirit; uniting balance and harmony in living authentically, Blissfully Soulful!

As a health coach I joyously, empower others to find harmony within to what truly feeds their soul, making their soul shine! Areas of focus: Career path, relationships, spirituality, physical activity, creativity, financial, health, social life, home environment, foods, and as well as emotional and mental state of awareness.

Yoga is a fabulous tool to cultivate awakening, healing and transformation. Through a yoga practice you get to know the true you. Yoga gets you to embrace acceptance while letting go, and allowing.... this brings a state of alignment with peace, love and joy.

I continually find ways to be inspired; learning and growing to be the best version of me!
It is with tremendous gratitude for simply being and the divine love within me that I choose to shine out making a positive impact in this crazy, messy, yet beautiful world!
Holistic Health Coach, AADP
Yoga 500 RYT
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