Welcome to Blissfully Soulful. My name is Tammie.  I am a joyful free spirit choosing to live my souls passionate purpose, inspiring others to embrace their unique beautifulness. My goal is to empower others to own their BS, relinquishing the blame and shame, healed, awakened, happy and healthy.

Through this website may you be inspired to live wholeheartedly, authentically Blissfully Soulful!

I am a certified yoga teacher 500RYT and Health Coach, AADP

The art of living Blissfully Soulful is truly a state of being we choose. “Bliss” means a state of perfect happiness and utter joy! “Soulful” means expressing deep sincere passionate heartfelt emotions. When we choose to live in this state of being we bridge heaven and earth into the here and now.
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Relinquish the BS!  Take responsibility and then surrender with acceptance while feeling peace within and awaken to pure love and joy, living Blissfully Soulful!
Essence of Yoga
Yoga is Bliss! Our yoga practice is meant to create unity and balance, while eliminating suffering and bringing us into a blissful state of consciousness!

Through our physical practice we use
asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing), mudras (Hand gestures), dirishtis (focused gaze), dharana (attention control), dhyana (meditation) and restorative relaxation into Samadhi(enlightenment).
These distinct attributes of our yoga practice open energetic channels within the body, mind and spirit, sparking awakening, healing, growth and transformation.

It is within our gross body which is material/physical body and conscious, our subtle body which is feelings, thoughts and emotions and unconscious, and our causal body which is the celestial/ soul and subconscious that the encasements of our soul known as Maya Koshas can transcend the illusions of fear, guilt, blame and shame, relinquishing the layers of limitations into limitless freedom, know as pure bliss!

We have 7 encasements:
Annamaya Kosha - the physical body and our senses.
Pranayama Kosha - the energetic which bridges the body, mind and consciousness.
Manomaya Kosha - our mind which includes our thoughts, feelings and emotions.
Jnanamaya Kosha - our capacity for reasoning through the filters we choose to perceive.
Vijnanamaya Kosha - which creates our memories, also known as the image maker.
Chittamaya Kosha - is the image making of our experience and how we choose to process those experiences.
It is in this state of:
Anandamaya Kosha - we manifest space between each inhale and exhale. choosing to let go of the encasements, with eyes and hearts open to surrendering, able to see things as they truly are with acceptance and non-judgment.

This is bliss!!
The empowering unfoldment of enlightenment into freedom and total blissfulness is our gift when we come into our mats, with humility, compassion and respect. It is in this state of self realization that we no longer allow our BS to hold us back, as we overcome adversity reaching an awakened state of consciousness, blissfully soulful!!
Healthy Foods
Your yoga practice is about more than just physical movements. Eat well so you feel invigorated during your yoga practice.
We live on this big, blue planet with millions of beautiful souls as one global community. May my destination photos inspire you to connect to nature.
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Why should you Yoga?
Blissfully Soulful is where you can find balance, harmony, and energy renewal amidst the hectic bustle of everyday pressures and deadlines.
Balance Body & Mind
Yoga is the perfect way to remove all the pressures of the past and future and brings clarity, self-discipline and heightens intuition.
Improves Flexibility
One of the first and most obvious benefits of Yoga is improved flexibility. With time, you will notice aches and pains begin to disappear.
Increased Muscle Strength
The physical investment in the stretches and positions engages so many muscle groups from your core to your arms.
Weight Reduction
Yoga is an excellent stress reliever and brings a deep sense of calm over your body and soul. Once relaxed, the weight loss will ensue naturally.
Cardio & Circulatory Health
Yoga can boost lung capacity and augment efficient intake of oxygen resulting in enhanced respiratory fitness and reduced risks of heart problems.
Relieves Stress
Yoga employs a number of relaxation techniques that target the component of the nervous system that deals with stress making you calmer.